Thursday, 11 July 2013

Travel with MICKEY

Hot off the press. My response to the Travel theme for the upcoming residency at Something Else, Bristol.

So one of my many collections happens to be shots of Mickey Mouse taken on my travels (plus a few toys).

I find it interesting how this ubiquitous icon not only manages to be so far reaching but also how much it mutates and yet is still easily recognisable.

I am going to have this image printed on a stencil printer (Risograph) in three colours by the guys at Ditto Press. There will be just 10 copies for sale. 

Here is a sneak peak at the other work that will be exhibited.


  1. Great rendition of Mickey! Have you ever heard of Pif? He's a mouse that that had his own comic series in France. Very much a Mickey rip. When one deviates from the circle form structure of Disney's creation it often begins to look like Pif.

  2. No I haven't, gonna look that up now, thanks for the tip-off Tom.