Sunday, 28 February 2016

Collage College

Collage College workshop organised by the guys at Secret 7"Nick Scott kicked off with an informative and inspiring presentation on the history of collage incorporating loads of great visual examples; but more importantly, effectively communicated the very essence of it's existence - not bad for a Sunday morning. 
The atmosphere at the Sonos studio was 'easy like Sunday morning' relaxed with a real sense of mischief in the air paving the way for some creative fun.
I then spent the next six hours in some sort of demented creative bubble, cutting, sticking and playing with bits of paper like a child possessed. I have given this rather extreme reaction some thought, and concluded this to be either a reaction to the fact that demands have prevented me from doing anything creative since the new year and/ or I was having a really great time.
I managed to finish ten pieces of varying success with a few that seemed to work well enough to enter for the secret 7" sleeve design competition.Thank you to Nanna Koekoek, Louise Mason, Lisa Harker, Ewan and Jones Morris (the Collage College guys): and to Kevin King form Secret 7" for organising it.