Tuesday, 10 July 2012

i-D July Mixtape cover art

You would have thought after so many years as an illustrator that I'd learnt my lesson, but no. i-D online contacted me to illustrate July's i-D Mixtape cover art - cool job! For no pay! - who wants paying? Doesn't everybody work for free? I make a rule NEVER to work for nothing but for this I made an exception. So I said that I would provide 3 ideas and after a few hours I have 2 that I like and 1 which is rubbish - obvious, cliche and ugly.

Now experience has taught me to only send roughs of images that you are prepared to follow through as inevitabely the art director will always pick the one you hate.   but I said I'd send 3 so I sent all three with the following message:

Hi Milly, 3 ideas
1 - Had to use a casette tape somewhere just because it's such a lovely, iconic shape but I think this looks like one of those kid's horrid flying things with big head and eyes (cant remember what they're called).
2 - Summer (July - haha) pic-nic - kinda fun would perhaps add/subtract a guest or two...?
3 - Again Summery theme based on seaside Punch & Judy show. Could replace the kitten with another.
You decide (in a Newcastle accent) just not #1!

Milly replies:
Hey Adam l adore the first pic with the flying mixtape, could we also include the words July Mixtape into the illustration, l think this would work so perfectly, love love love.


So I do and I hate it but Milly is really happy with it and I guess that is what counts, right ?