Monday, 18 March 2013

beer labels

Now for the beer labels. Random beer name generator, the answer to my prayers - thank Barbie Jesus for the power of research and the internet.

I had a few goes:
Gnarly Chicken Oud Bruin
Craptacular swill Haevy Schwartzbier
The Ant Farm formally known as Count Chocula's curious Pilsner
Frickin Bubba Hefeneizen
Madonna's Tipsy Smelly Cat Koelsch
Smutty Brown Flying Squirrel Stout
Beaizelbub's Moronic Pufferfish Bavarian Dunkelweizen
Nuclear Barley Wine
Transgendered Butt Biege Rauchbier
El Dente Kermit Biere de Garde
General Tso's Ferrel Brown Jellyfish Old Ale

I can definitely do something with that!

pub quiz

exclusive preview of my spread for the brochure accompanying the Hero of Switzerland group show at PICK ME UP 2013